How we can help
  • Offsite Mac specialists
    providing full support
  • Mac advisors to complement
    your existing IT staff
  • Consultants to IT senior management
  • Ongoing resources to help you maintain your OS X clients and servers

Typical services
to meet your needs
  • OS X or OS X Server
    installation, migration, and support
  • OS X integration into
    Windows networks
  • iPhone and iPad deployment
  • Remote monitoring and support
  • Onsite and offsite backup
  • Hardware management
  • Email management
  • Network maintenance
  • Emergency service 24x7

Contact us to arrange
an appointment or call
949.768.8900 for more information

Caldera Consulting specializes in Macintosh, iPhone, and iPad support. We perform systems integration, updates, installations, and network support to the business community in Southern California.

Our Sentinel service monitors your Macs for problems, while keeping your Apple and third-party software up-to-date, and we test the updates before they're installed. The service regularly checks your disk, permissions, caches, and memory, and performs automatic repairs when you're not using your computer. Sentinel also checks your Mac for viruses, malware, and adware, and will alert us to serious problems.

We hold Apple's Mobility Technical Competency, and can rapidly configure and deploy any number of iPhones and iPads, integrating them into your existing network, or creating a new implementation from scratch.

As members of the Apple Consultants Network, you can trust us to have the depth of knowledge you expect to quickly and effectively solve your problems.

Practical experience sets us apart
Our consultants have worked in business environments supporting more than 100 Macs, iPhones, and iPads. We understand the issues facing our clients because we have addressed them before.

Our consultants have worked in single- and mixed-platform environments. For our clients who primarily use Windows, we have the necessary practical knowledge and experience to integrate Macintosh clients and servers into Windows environments, dealing with various software, database, email, security, antivirus and administration issues.

Our consultants hold the latest certifications from Apple.
We are experts in all aspects of Macintosh systems and troubleshooting, including OS X and OS X Server.

We are dedicated Macintosh consultants
You may have found that other consultants who claim to support Macintoshes are primarily Windows consultants. As a result, stubborn problems you have faced with your Macs have never really been put to rest.

We specialize in OS X and OS X Server and are experienced in dealing with various software, database, email, security, antivirus and administration issues in single- or mixed-platform environments.

Solutions specifically suited to your business
We also understand your real world requirements—and specifically, your real world constraints. We know our solutions must suit your business structure, daily operations, personnel, and budget. We’re here to make your life easier and will only make recommendations appropriate for your small business, mid-size, or enterprise environment. Your goals will guide us in providing the best solutions for your company.