Small Business Services

  • Business Management
  • macOS Migration
  • Upgrades and Installations
  • Networking and System Administration
  • Creative Solutions
  • Maintenance and Service Plans
  • Ongoing Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Backups
  • Hardware and Software Services

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Services - Small Business

Small Businesses and start-ups are generally focused on daily operations. With a limited number of computers, system downtime can be critical to the success of your business. We understand the importance of solving immediate problems and will respond in a timely manner. If necessary, Caldera Consulting can also provide you with 24x7 service, allowing you to continue to conduct business during the day.

We also recognize that limited finances are always a concern for small businesses. It is crucial that your systems run smoothly and efficiently, and at minimal cost. We will work with you to provide immediate solutions that fit within your budget. We can also make recommendations for any future upgrades or improvements that would be beneficial to you as your business grows. At all times, we can let you know what is critical and must be attended to immediately, and what can be deferred to the next budget cycle.

You can trust us to provide personal guidance and information for your specific working environment. We neither sell products nor benefit from hardware and software purchases, so you’ll know that any purchases we do recommend will be in your best interest. We will be happy to provide referrals and assist you with any hardware or software purchases.

Typical Services for small businesses include:

Business Management
Comprehensive analysis of your current working environment, where you want to go, and any necessary upgrades or improvements.
  • Network evaluations
  • Systems analysis
  • Implementation
  • Future needs/expansion

macOS Migration
Whether you’re migrating to macOS from Windows, or to Apple's Server application from Windows Server, we have the experience to move the data and configure applications and services smoothly.

Upgrades and Installations
We can upgrade your existing macOS clients to the latest version of macOS. If your Mac server is running an older version of OS X Server or Apple's Server application, we can perform upgrades to the latest version of the Server application, or earlier versions of Server where appropriate.

Networking and System Administration
We have extensive experience configuring and administering firewalls, creating the appropriate policies, and choosing the correct services to provide just the right amount of security for your specific needs.

Creative Solutions
For those with Macs in a predominantly Windows environment, Caldera Consulting can assist you with any interoperability issues that may occur in your mixed network, ensuring that your Macs work more effectively with existing Windows servers and protocols. We can also implement security and wireless solutions as necessary.

Maintenance and Service Plans
Our service contracts allow clients to purchase blocks of hours at a discount, while our maintenance agreements offer unlimited service for a flat monthly fee. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Ongoing Support
  • Onsite
  • Remote support, including via VPN connections
  • Maintenance – We can configure your Macs for stability and productivity, and then maintain systems on a schedule convenient for you.
  • Emergency Service – 24x7

We follow time-tested as well as Apple-recommended troubleshooting procedures based upon the issue you’re experiencing.

Caldera Consulting can help you avoid loss of critical data by implementing automated solutions so you don’t have to remember to backup your valuable data.

Hardware and Software Services
We can install and configure your hardware or software. We are not hardware or software resellers, so we are not tied to any particular brand or product. We will recommend the best, most cost-effective products to meet your needs. If it does become necessary to purchase equipment, we can provide you with excellent resources and do all the research for you. We can also refer qualified database consultants should the need arise.